Yoga Workshops

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Sunday Morning Yoga Workshops 2024

with Tara Fraser 



A series of Sunday morning Yoga workshops with a Rolfing® perspective, last Sunday of the month, face to face at The Old Heathcoat School Community Centre on King Street, Tiverton, Devon.

These workshops are open to all, you can come as a total beginner or as a seasoned yogi. Everything is done at your own pace and is adaptable; so it can work for you if you are recovering from injury or working with a restriction. The material I share may be of use to you in developing a personal practice, understanding your own body better or for developing your work if you are a body-worker, dancer, musician, martial arts practitioner, yoga or movement teacher. It can usually be counted as CPD for yoga teachers, check with your professional membership organisation.

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Jan 28th

A Breath of Fresh Air – breathing is a full body experience. Change the way you stand, sit and walk to improve the activation and function of the lungs.

Feb 25th

The Heart of the Matter – explore all the beautiful ways in which we can influence the heart using movement. Freedom, support, stimulation and relaxation of the heart from the outside in!

March 24th Cancelled – this workshop will be re-scheduled soon, if you have booked you will get an email with a new date.

Integrating the upper and lower back to allow space and freedom for the curves of the spine to flow. Exploring sitting, standing and walking for ease of movement and freedom from pain!

April 28th

All Akimbo! Elbows and knees, much put upon and rarely considered until they start to hurt! We will invite lovely sensations of ease and support in these joints and see how they can reflect deeply held patterns of movement and expression.