About me

Yoga has been with me since childhood. I trained professionally as a dancer and took a degree in performing arts. More fascinated by the ‘felt sense’ of the body than the look of it, I soon discovered that, for me, rehearsals were more interesting than performance. I returned to yoga with considerable dedication and studied in several different traditions, especially the therapeutic approach of TKV Desikachar.

In 1999 I opened Yoga Junction studio in London, one of the few specialised yoga spaces in the capital at the time. I have been teaching yoga for over 30 years now and am the author several books that encourage self-practice, including ‘Yoga for You’ and ‘The Easy Yoga Workbook’.

I discovered Rolfing through yoga (Ida Rolf did yoga too!) while taking classes with Giovanni Felicioni. Rolfing proved to be the most effective and permanently transforming bodywork I have ever encountered. My posture, strength, mental state and yoga asana changed markedly as I progressed through the 10 sessions.

Completely inspired and very curious to know more, I undertook the Rolfing practitioner training in London and Munich. To further refine my touch skills I studied Equine Structural Integration with Joseph Freeman. Connection with horses must be genuine and there is not much margin for error, they are great teachers. I am currently participating in the European Rolfing Association Advanced Certification Training.

All my work, with animals and with people, now revolves around touch and movement as a means to develop an innate sense of self and authentic connection with the wider world.

I have 4 children and live in Devon with my partner, Yoga teacher, Nigel Jones.

Tara Fraser Certified Rolfer, BWY Dip, BWY Diploma Course Tutor,

Tara Fraser