About Massage

Massage therapy is an ancient practice used to relieve pain and maintain good health. It is a natural healing method in which fingers, hands and arms are used to perform a variety of strokes and pressures. Massage enhances circulation, elongates muscles and eases tension. These changes have a multitude of physical benefits, including reducing pain, increasing mobility and improving lymphatic drainage.

Alongside this, massage also has a significant impact on our mental state. As human beings, we crave positive touch and the connection it brings us. Upon receiving positive touch, our body releases endorphins which help alleviate stress and fill us with a sense of wellbeing.

Massage with Rosie

If you are looking for a treatment to address a particular issue, to ease general aches or a deeply relaxing treatment to de-stress and unwind, I can help you. I like to work with the whole body, from top to toes.

After a year of COVID-19 restrictions and disconnection it has caused, the importance of touch could not be more vital. My desire is to create a safe place to allow you to reconnect with yourself, providing a tranquil, nurturing space where you can let go of your tension.

I trained with Belinda Silcox to gain my Complete Bodyworker, Swedish Massage and Anatomy and Physiology diplomas in 2019. I’m a member of APNT. I have also studied with Tara Fraser on the British Wheel Foundation course.


“Rosie gives wonderful massages! I went back for another in the same week. She uses a variety of techniques (some of which I’d never had before) and are both super relaxing & get to the core of your tension. My sore back was significantly better afterwards & I felt blissed out! She used the perfect amount of pressure & seemed very engaged with the massage. I would highly recommend booking a massage with her as soon as you can!”
Thea Anderson, Life Coach, Brighton

“I have been working on restoring my body over the last few years and have struggled with sitting crossed legged in yoga. Rosie gently found areas of tightness, around my right calf behind my knee and left high behind the knee. She worked on these areas over our last session. I had much greater flexibility during my yoga practice, allowing me to sit in a more comfortable way, knees and hips were much relaxed. This session she continued concentrating on these areas felt like she was creating space around the joints.Just Lovely.I have learnt so much over these 4 sessions about my body. I had not really had a massage before these, and can say that I now realise that they are an important part of wellbeing.
I left my final session feeling like I had spent an afternoon lying in the sun ,spacious and connected to my body.”
Wendy Black, Therapist, Sidmouth

“Rosie gave me the most amazing massage to ease my tension and nerves before an exam, it worked like magic! Highly recommend this fabulous lady”
Estelle Judd, Chef, Brixham

"Rosie is a natural healer! I felt incredibly safe having a massage from her, she seemed to know the exact pressure to apply and had so many great techniques that rejuvenated my mind, body and soul. I came out from my massages floating on air and felt relaxed for the rest of the day. I have had many massages and I can say Rosie's massages have been the best of the bunch."
Claire Hellier, Brighton

“Rosie gave me the most lovely evening massage on the retreat. It was one of the most beautiful, relaxing massages I’ve ever had. And afterwards I slipped into bed and slept like a baby! I would highly recommend. She has such a warm and lovely manner too.”
Claire Whalley, Yoga Teacher, London

What to Expect

60 or 90-minute therapeutic massage sessions are available. During your first treatment, an additional 15 minutes is taken to complete a consultation to cover your history, get to know each other and gain a full understanding of what you are looking for. All sessions will begin with a catch-up consultation.

Oils are used to allow for smooth, flowing strokes. I often include a deeply restorative neck, facial and head massage. If you would prefer to bring your favourite face cream/oil for this part of the treatment, please do.

Underwear will be worn at all times and towels will be used to cover any area I am not working on.

Contact, Booking & Fees

Any enquiries or questions please get in touch - [email protected] 

Massage treatments are £40 for 60mins or £55 for 90mins. 

Treatments can be booked on the booking page, a £5 booking fee will be required. Following your booking I will get in touch with further details.