Tara Fraser Certified Rolfer® and Yoga Teacher

Movement is fundamental to human life. Authentic connection to the body allows not just freedom of movement but also of mind. Through Rolfing and Yoga, one modern, the other ancient, we can enhance our physical connection to the world, refine our mental agility and enjoy relief from pain. 

I support people to develop their embodied awareness and optimise their mental and physical wellbeing using these techniques.

About me

Yoga has been with me since childhood. I trained professionally as a dancer and took a degree in performing arts. More fascinated by the 'felt sense' of the body than the look of it, I soon discovered that, for me, rehearsals were more interesting than performance. I returned to yoga with considerable dedication and studied in several different traditions, especially the therapeutic approach of TKV Desikachar.

In 1999 I opened Yoga Junction studio in London, one of the few dedicated yoga spaces in the capital at the time. I have been teaching yoga for over 28 years now and am the author several books that encourage self-practice, including 'Yoga for You' and 'The Easy Yoga Workbook'.

I discovered Rolfing through yoga (Ida Rolf did yoga too!) while taking classes with Giovanni Felicioni. Rolfing proved to be the most effective and permanently transforming bodywork I have ever encountered. My posture, strength, mental state and yoga asana changed markedly as I progressed through the 10 sessions. 

Completely inspired and very curious to know more, I undertook the Rolfing practitioner training in London and Munich. To further refine my touch skills I studied Equine Structural Integration with Joseph Freeman. Horses can't tell you how it feels in words so the connection must be genuine and there is not much margin for error, they are great teachers. 

All my work, with animals and with people, now revolves around touch and movement as a means to develop an innate sense of self and authentic connection with the wider world.

I have 4 children and live in Devon with my partner, Yoga teacher, Nigel Jones.

Tara Fraser Certified Rolfer, BWY Dip, BWY Diploma Course Tutor,