Tara Fraser Rolfing® and Yoga

Movement is fundamental to human life. Authentic connection to the body allows not just freedom of movement but also of mind. Through Rolfing and Yoga, one modern, the other ancient, we can enhance our physical connection to the world, expand our mental agility and enjoy relief from pain. 

I support people to develop their embodied awareness and optimise their mental and physical wellbeing using these techniques.

About me

Yoga has been with me since childhood. I trained professionally as a dancer and took a degree in performing arts. More fascinated by the 'felt sense' of the body than the look of it, I soon discovered that, for me, rehearsals were more interesting than performance. I returned to yoga with considerable dedication and studied in several different traditions, especially the therapeutic approach of TKV Desikachar.

In 1999 I opened Yoga Junction studio in London, one of the few dedicated yoga spaces in the capital at the time. I have been teaching yoga for over 27 years now and am the author several books that encourage self-practice, including 'Yoga for You' and 'The Easy Yoga Workbook'.

I discovered Rolfing through yoga (Ida Rolf did yoga too!) while taking classes with Giovanni Felicioni. Rolfing proved to be the most effective and permanently transforming bodywork I have ever encountered. My posture, agility, strength, mental state and yoga changed markedly as I progressed through the 10 sessions. Completely inspired and very curious to know more, I undertook the Rolfing practitioner training in London and Munich. To further refine my touch skills I recently studied Equine Structural Integration with Joseph Freeman. Horses can't tell you how it feels, the connection must be genuine and there is not much margin for error, they are great teachers. 

All my work, with animals and with people, now revolves around touch and movement as a means to develop an innate sense of self and authentic connection with the wider world.

I have 4 children and live in Devon with my partner, Yoga teacher, Nigel Jones.

Tara Fraser BWY Dip, BWY Diploma Course Tutor, Certified Rolfer

What people say about their Rolfing experience........

Every person has a different experience of Rolfing. Here are a few words from some of my clients:
I'm a chiropractor, and I was looking for a good fascial specialist to help me following my back fracture. I was in a lot of discomfort, struggling with day to day tasks. Tara was an amazing help: her personality and experience combined with the Rolfing principles are unique, and were perfect for me at the time. She identified and unwound some patterns of tension I knew I had; but also helped me to trust my back and break the subconscious bracing that I was doing my body, that was exacerbating my condition. I can highly recommend Tara, particular if you feel stuck and unsure what to do.
(Simeon, Chiropractor, Barnstaple)
Hip and lower back pain encouraged me to seek help from Rolfing and although I found the treatment eased this, the benefits were more widespread and profound than I expected. After the first session I felt utterly connected to the ground whilst feeling light and free in my limbs and upper body. The effects of each session varied but my body always felt more connected and more alive afterwards. I chose to have treatment with Tara because she is a fellow yoga teacher and I felt we would ‘speak the same language’. We did. I felt supported and safe throughout the treatment, whilst also being gently nudged into new ways of thinking about and holding my body. Tara is a warm, intelligent, authentic person. I loved spending time with her and still feel enriched by the whole experience.
(Leila, Yoga Teacher, Somerset)
I hadn’t a clue what Rolfing was when I curiously enquired. I was desperate to relieve chronic pain in multiple parts of my tired body, I had tried many previous avenues but the pain was always present and my stiffness was increasing as my Rheumatoid arthritis flared.
At first I noticed the slow gentle exploration Tara took to observe the way I move. I decided straight away I needed 10 sessions as this may take awhile as my body had become stiff with over use in sports, yoga asana and standing 10hrs a day as a hairstylist for 30years. I became aware through the treatments that I had some decades ago adopted bad posture, Tara expanding my awareness to how walking should feel and how to move more freely, and to feel my body in a subtle level, this then allowed me to self modify during my working day. I would recommend Rolfing with Tara to everybody, the way you can learn to observe yourself and the magic of subtle takes time. Patience & attention was all the effort that was required to allow Tara to slow me down enough to feel, and explore subtle correction, this was life changing for me and I will be forever grateful.
....Thank you Tara
(Vaso, Hairstylist, London)
Having had bilaeteral partial knee replacement and struggling to get back to full fitness, a colleague had recommended Rolfing as an option to investigate. I work for an international organization in a physically demanding job so I was open to any form of rehabilitation to get me back to pre operation fitness.
Learning how the body functions in terms of mobility was an eyeopener and really helped me to develop a better understanding on how and why things happen. What I found most refreshing was that the sessions with Tara always included a greeting, how I was feeling, how I was coping since the previous session, what I expected or in particular if there was anything I wanted from the current session. A study of my movement and then the session itself, ending on a summarization and a ‘’look forward’’.
Each and every session that I had was an education and with no exception, I left each session with improvements in function, posture and feeling truly revitalized. Quite literally I felt my posture change post session. Having dabbled in Yoga previously, along with the Rolfing I felt that these sessions genuinely helped towards regaining my full mobility.
I think awareness is one of the major things I have taken away from the 10 sessions. Rolfing has without doubt freed my joints and given me an extra spring in my step, quite literally. And an added bonus on this is the mental health that is a by product.
I would recommend Rolfing to anyone who has had any form of operation affecting mobility, anybody who is connected to any form of sport, be it yoga, weight training, cross-fit etc. Rolfing will almost certainly boost performance physically and mentally.
(Lloyd, Devon)

"Having ridden practically all my life at the age of around 60 it became increasingly different and painful to get on and off my horse. Hip-leg was very restricted even to climbing over gates and fences. Having gone down the routes of chiropractors, osteopaths sports massage and fascia release I found myself in Taras yoga class which then led me on to her Rolfing. Without a doubt if it wasn’t for this I probably would not still be riding. Whilst it hasn’t magically cured me it has given me the ability to continue with my passion. What Rolfing did for me and this was quite unknowingly at the time, was that I seemed to walk much taller, straighter and with a lengthened stride. Through Taras incredible awareness of how the body works and moves she was able to see these problems. I hardly ever have any lower back pain now either. Personally I think a combination of Taras yoga and Rolfing is the ideal for an older person with my problems. Tara is without a doubt the most knowledgeable and professional person in her field who is able to give so much to her clients and quite frankly a miracle worker!"
(Sue, Devon)